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Almost ready to paint the store!

We have almost all of the priming done, along with all of the damaged paint scraped off the tin ceiling. We will start painting on Thursday!

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About cookieconfidential

Baker. Hustler. Empire builder. Lover of all things food related. Owner of Cookie Confidential, a local/organic ingredient, cookie/cupcake bakery just off South St in Philadelphia, Pa. Recent convert to a gluten/dairy free life due to a long undiscovered food intolerance, now seeking out quality and delicious foods available to me and my limited diet. My love for local and sustainable practices, food, community, and adventures have me always feeling like I'm on a recon mission for the best places to eat, so I decided to document my intel gathering with my trusty Polaroid to share with you my indulgent fact finding missions...I hope you enjoy the evidence!

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