The appetizing adventures of a gluten/dairy free, food loving, bakery owner.

When I started Cookie Confidential in 2006, it was solely to feed my own sweet tooth with delicious, unique, quality ingredient treats (it all started with bacon cookies). Now, I’m headed into my seventh year in business, third year as a retail bakery and wholesaler, and am struggling to enjoy foods comparable to what I once did with a newly realized gluten/dairy allergy. I am also struggling with reconciling my new diet, along with my increasingly growing interest in nutrition/health with being a bakery owner. This blog will chronicle my hunt for delicious, fresh, mouth watering, gluten/dairy free foods, accommodating restaurants, and indulgent slip ups in the shop, all accompanied by some fun and simple old school Polaroid snapshots. Enjoy, and remember to eat fresh, eat real, and eat local! xox

Cookie Confidential©, owned and operated by Melissa Torre, specializes in creating all natural, organic, gourmet cookies and cupcakes. We use only the finest, most delicious, local, and organic ingredients we can find so that you get the most amazing treats possible – without any chemicals, preservatives or anything else unnatural. All eggs, butter, and milk used come from locally and sustainably raised chickens and cows.


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